I have been seeing Dr. Mitresh for over a year. He is an excellent chiropractor amongst the plethora of practitioners. Dr. Mitresh has a very gentle intuitive and searching manner in his diagnostic touch. His adjustments are excellent and his follow through is one of the best in the region - and I have been to a few chiropractors. Thank you, Mahalo! Dr. Mitresh, you are wonderful!!*

When I first started seeing Dr. Mitresh, it was after the birth of my third child. Over the last 4 years Dr. Mitresh has seen me for a variety of reasons including a car accident. The holistic approach he takes has allowed me to free myself from old scars and blocks which were being manifested in my body as pain, in addition to allowing me to once again find my path and move forward in a truly positive growth experience. I highly recommend him, and can’t imagine seeing anyone else for my holistic chiropractic needs!*

Dr. Mitresh does a really great job at analyzing the problem and explaining how things affect each other. I’ve tried other traditional chiro and physical therapy, but the results from seeing Dr. Mitresh surpasses those.*

Dr. Mitresh does a really great job at analyzing the problem and explaining how things affect each other. I’ve tried other traditional chiro and physical therapy, but the results from seeing Dr. Mitresh surpasses those.*

I’ve got a chronic health condition and, honestly, Mitresh has done more for me in 6 weeks than doctors have managed in 8 years. I feel a thousand times better and a number of my big pain problems are actually gone now. It’s the best form of chiropractic I’ve ever done and I can’t wait to see how things continue to improve! :)*

For many years I suffered from back and neck pain. I have had 4 major surgeries, countless other procedures, and taken an amazing array of medications to control the pain – with varying degrees of success. With every passing year the pain got a little worse and the very painful episodes got longer and came closer together. I was not a very happy person, but somewhat resigned to my lot in life. I was very resistant to the idea of chiropractic adjustments. I thought they would hurt me and that frankly the whole thing was a bunch of baloney!

I was in Dr. Mitresh’s clinic for a massage and I noticed that the people coming and going from their adjustments were all happy looking and spry! So I decided what is the worst that could happen? I went to my first few adjustments with this attitude intact. Then it started to work without any mental assistance or co-operation from me! So I know for a fact there is no placebo effect involved here.

Not only did the adjustments work on my pain, they helped enormously with my overall sense of well-being. The chiropractic care got me to a point where I could exercise again. I have not had any surgeries done for the past few years and have taken very little medication for my pain. I truly believe that if I had not had any chiropractic care that by now I would be almost immobile, very large and very grumpy. Instead I am happy, active and participating fully in my life. Thank you Dr. Mitresh!*

Since 2012 I have been struggling with low back pain and sciatica, with varying pain intensities until 2014. After two lifting incidents, I finally scheduled an MRI. The report showed I had 3 herniated discs (L3-4, L4-5, L5-S1), spinal stenosis and arthritis. Twelve weeks of PT lowered my pain but soon after completing treatment, I was in worse shape than before. By February 2015, I could not walk more than 20 yards at a time, could not run, was in constant unmanageable pain, and was contemplating surgery. Luckily, I found Dr. Mitresh. He was my NINTH doctor for this issue. I could see improvement with each session. In August, I went for my first run in almost a year! Between the adjustments, cold laser therapy and supplements, I was able to stop all medications (Ibuprofen and Flexeril) – I feel like I have my life back! If I never received this care I would have opted for back surgery at the age of 24. Now I’ll be able to be surgery free!*

I started seeing Dr. Mitresh in May 2012 after severely injuring 2 discs in my back. The real miracle for me is that in addition to helping with my back and leg pain, Dr. Mitresh has concurrently removed some long standing pain and physical limitations throughout my body. I had been told by previous doctors that I would have to live with those limitations for the rest of my life. Dr. Mitresh listens to you, and your body tells him what to do in order to arrive at optimum health, and he encourages you to be an active participant in your healing process. I’m very thankful for my disc injury because I was referred to Dr. Mitresh, who has greatly improved my health and my life!*

I have been struggling with a sore shoulder for weeks and my other practitioner did little to get it moving. Dr. Mitresh got me to almost full motion in one treatment, and back to painless movement in a second visit.

I really appreciate the fully integrated approach Dr. Mitresh takes – it’s not always just the mechanics of a sore shoulder, but the history, the patterns, the WHOLE BODY. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be treated here. It’s great to know that there are solutions!*

I came to see Dr. Mitresh after 3+ years of chronic lower back/hip pain. I had tried physical therapy and chiropractic care many times prior without much progress. After 5 visits with Dr. Mitresh I can truly say I know my body is getting back to how it used to be. For the first time in years I wake up in the morning without a severely achy back! Woohoo! I very much like how complete and extensive Dr. Mitresh’s evaluation is and feel his holistic approach to healing is what has made the positive difference. Thank you!*

I came to see Dr. Mitresh with knee pain that had prevented me from being active for 2 years post-injury. I went to specialist after specialist trying to figure out what was wrong, but they all shrugged their shoulders and no-one had answers. Mitresh immediately saw the bigger picture and began addressing inflammation issues in my body at large, while also targeting the specific injury. His holistic approach finally allowed my body to start healing, and I could not be more thankful for that. I am dancing, hiking and skiing for the first time in years. I live out of state at this point, but book an appointment with him for everyday that I’m in town visiting.*

My 1 year old daughter had a hard time walking. She would wobble severely to the left and would keep falling over after 3-4 steps. We came in for an adjustment and instantly when we came home she started walking around the house non-stop without falling! We were amazed! It is as if our child never had a walking problem. We were very impressed and realized just how important and how much these adjustments work. Thank you so much Dr. Mitresh!*

I have always struggled with anxiety and muscle tension my entire life. Dr. Mitresh helped to improve my brain-body communication system and gave me the gift of life back. I am appreciative of the gifts he has given me and am now on a treatment plan of continued wellness. The integrated approach is second to none and the environment has created space for holistic healing to occur.*

A trusted RN friend suggested I go see Dr M for a raging case of TMJ syndrome, as he had helped her son with the same issue. First to impress me was that when I called the office, Dr M himself answered the phone. (What DR does THAT nowadays?) He chatted at length with me about my symptoms and answered all my questions, and I agreed to come in for a consult.
Second to impress me was that this consult was about an HOUR long. After filling out extensive paperwork describing and rating all the various symptoms I was having, he then put me though a battery of physical activities so he could see how my body was moving (or NOT moving, as was the case.)
Third to impress me was the way he (after seeing my movements) would point out areas on my body that were not moving properly. He would touch a spot and say “You are out HERE.” *poke* OW! “And HERE” *poke* OWWW! These were areas that I had no idea that were painful until he started to manipulate them.
He explained in great detail how his techniques cover the body as “a whole” and therefore get to the ‘root’ of the problem. My TMJ pain was just the ‘biggest fire’ after a lifetime of compensation, and was just the tip of the iceberg.
I was so impressed by his genuine caring energy and vibration that I made my first appointment 2 days later. That FIRST adjustment reduced my jaw pain and headaches by 50% immediately following the treatment. And the next day was the first time in 4 months that I had NOT had a headache! My husband was so impressed with my results, he ALSO made an appointment with Dr M, to get relief from his nagging back pain. We both now are on an intensive treatment protocol and it’s the first time I’ve felt ‘normal’ since June of 2016.
He is worth EVERY penny! If you have ANY structural pain what-so-ever, GO SEE DR M!!*

I was referred to Dr. Mitresh by a family friend after I got a severe concussion playing volleyball six months before. I was experiencing daily migraines, severe neck pain, and I had barely any range of motion in my back and neck. I played year-round volleyball for seven years before seeing Mitresh, and I have always had significant pain while exercising. Within the first three weeks of being treated at Holistic Chiropractic Solutions, my concussion symptoms decreased tremendously and I began getting back to a normal life again. I have been seeing him for over a year now, and I have gone from not being able to walk for more than ten minutes without having pain and a migraine, to exercising pain free, seven days a week, and working three jobs. I know without Mitresh, I would be no where close to where I am today, and I dedicate the healing of my brain injury to him. Thank you Holistic Chiropractic Solutions for all you have done for me!*

I had been to 8 different chiropractors. They were all the same except for Dr. Mitresh. He is light years ahead of ALL of them. Day and night. Mitresh takes a holistic approach to health, takes the time to address the root cause (not just put a patch on the symptom), and gives you the individual attention and approach that each person requires. If you want to improve your health, this is the practitioner for you. He is one of the few practitioners that I recommend.*

I have had chronic back, neck and knee pain and have seen traditional chiropractors, PT, massage, osteopathy and had energy work.

Addressing the whole body and its relationship to specific areas that “seemed” to be separated from each other has really helped! Releasing all of the scar tissue and working on the entire body has had incredibly positive results that no other treatment has ever been able to produce. I feel more pain free and don’t hurt when I get up in the morning, and I can play tennis with no pain. Amazing – I’ve been in pain for 20 years and nothing else helped before this.

The holistic approach is the only way to fully heal the body. Addressing the individual body parts creates only temporary relief and doesn’t address the underlying cause. This is the first time I’ve had hope that my body can heal! My entire family has benefited from Dr. Mitresh’s work.*

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