Dr. Mitresh

Dr. Mitresh


Dr. Mitresh still vividly remembers his first exposure to Chiropractic while at the University of Toronto. The idea that the body’s natural state was one of Health, and that the body could heal itself resonated deeply within him.

He finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Physiology and continued on to New York Chiropractic College where he graduated Magna cum Laude in 2000.

Following his graduation, and with a desire to learn another approach to helping the body, he studied Contemporary Medical Acupuncture at the Faculty of Medicine, McMaster University, Canada.

He soon realized that given the complex nature of stress physiology, a holistic, integrated approach to healing the body would be most efficient and effective. With that in mind, he began studying multiple protocols and techniques including those pertaining to holistic chiropractic, cold laser, functional nutrition, ART (considered the gold standard of soft tissue management), and FAKTR (an instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization protocol).

He uses the above tools to help patients reach their goals, be they functional improvement, symptom reduction, sports performance or wellness care.

Dr. Mitresh also has a strong interest in reading, being in nature, yoga and meditation.